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FAQ Topic: Debris Removal Program

I received a bill in the mail for fire debris removal, should I pay it?

No. Fraudulent bills for fire debris removal have been reported by property owners in Mendocino County who are participating in the state-sponsored fire debris removal program. While no instances have been reported in Sonoma County, both the County of Sonoma and the City of Santa Rosa want residents to be aware of the potential scam. … Continued

Fire Debris Removal Code Enforcement Violation Complaints

If you have a complaint regarding code enforcement violations during the debris removal process, you can submit it to the city or county via: City: MySantaRosa: Select “Fire Debris”   County: Sonoma County Report It: Select “Fire Debris Removal Complaints”

How will the neighborhood phases be scheduled?

The overall project is scheduled to be completed by early 2018. Phasing of clean-up will be decided after the ROE form submittal deadline and will be based, in part, on concentration of participating properties.

How do we determine property lines after debris removal?

We recommend that you consult with a professional land surveyor/engineer to get an accurate determination of where your legal property lines are. Additional information may be included in your deed and in Assessor’s maps.

What is included in the USACE Phase II Debris Removal?

Phase II will include debris and ash removal related to any structures on your residential property that are at least 120 square feet and destroyed. Driveways will be retained as much as possible both for possible reuse and also to serve as a staging area for debris removal and rebuilding equipment. Foundation removal will be … Continued

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