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What is included in the USACE Phase II Debris Removal?

Phase II will include debris and ash removal related to any structures on your residential property that are at least 120 square feet and destroyed. Driveways will be retained as much as possible both for possible reuse and also to serve as a staging area for debris removal and rebuilding equipment.

Foundation removal will be included. The decision to include foundation removal on all sites was based on prior damage assessments from similar disasters. Testing following previous fires has confirmed that most foundations were not structurally safe, and that contamination leached into the soil underneath foundations that cannot be addressed without foundation removal. Even if your foundation has been determined to be structurally sound, there is a risk of exposure to toxins if you choose not to remove it.  If you want to keep your foundation, you are not eligible for Phase II of the Program, and you will be required to meet approved standards to ensure the structural integrity of your foundation.

Foundation piers will not be removed. The contractor will make every effort to minimize damage done to piers during stem wall and foundation removal.

Pools will generally not be removed under the Program. In rare circumstances, such as indoor pools, they will need to be removed as part of the residential clean-up.

Generally, retaining walls will not be removed.

Generally, in Phase II trees will not be removed. However, USACE will be removing any trees that either impede their work or present a hazard to their crews.

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