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Mosquito Control Efforts and Standing Water

The Marin/Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District is concerned about the risk of mosquito breeding in unmaintained swimming pools, ponds, compromised septic systems, containers, debris and depressions that can hold water (including voids created by foundation removal).

District staff is working to identify current and potential sources of mosquito production on properties impacted by the fires. The District says water sources producing mosquitoes will be treated to control mosquito populations and minimize the potential for mosquito-borne disease transmission.

Information regarding the District’s programs, operations, materials used for mosquito control, and identification of adult and larval mosquitoes can be obtained online. The District encourages residents impacted by the fires to visit the District’s website and call the District at 1-800-231-3236 if there are questions or for additional information.

How to obtain mosquitofish

Mosquitofish continue to be an important component of the mosquito control program, and are one of the most effective ways of controlling mosquitoes without the use of chemical insecticides. Mosquitofish are not currently available. Please check back in Spring 2019.

  • Request delivery: The District offers free delivery of mosquitofish. There is no need to be home, the technician will stock your pond or water feature and leave a note on your door. To request delivery please call our office at 1.800.231.3236 or place a service request online.
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