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How to pay and submit forms and documents

Property owners who participated in the Government-Sponsored Debris Removal Program can submit forms and other documentation related to debris removal insurance.

Complete the Insured Statement, Debris Insurance Reimbursement Request Form or Debris Insurance Withholding Form, whichever is appropriate. Property owners can expect to receive reimbursement in about 30 days after submitting all necessary documentation.

Checks should be made out to: County of Sonoma

Insured Statement-PDF

Withholding Form-PDF

Reimbursement Form-PDF

You can submit your completed form and supporting documentation in four ways:

Via your online account:

All property owners have an online account that contains their cost report and other documents and information related to government debris removal on their property. Information to get into your account can be found under Instructions, How to Access Your Account Online. You are also able to upload documents that will automatically go to the County for processing.

 To upload documents, all documents need to be in electronic form. You will be able to upload most file types,  including PDFs and JPEGs . After signing in to your account, click on the up arrow in the upper right of the page (see illustration) to upload documents.  You will then navigate to the document to upload. The document will be added to your folder and the County will be notified.

Click on the down arrow  to download documents.

Via U.S. Mail:

County of Sonoma
Debris Insurance Collection Program
PO Box 14310
Santa Rosa CA 95403

Via email:
Please include the words “Form Submittal” and the Assessor’s Parcel Number in the subject line of your email. This will result in faster service.

In person:

Debris Insurance Collection Program
Sonoma County Office of Recovery & Resiliency
575 Administration Dr., Suite 104-A
Santa Rosa 95403

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