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FAQ Topic: Utilities, Water & Mail Services

Is the water from my well safe to drink?

Private well water is not regulated by any government agency. Although your well water may taste and smell fine, the only way to know your well water is safe is by testing it.  It is the responsibility of the individual property owner to ensure that their drinking water supply is safe by having the well … Continued

What is being done to protect the water supply impacts from the fire?

In collaboration with the U.S. Geological Survey and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the Water Agency has developed a water quality monitoring program to assess the potential impacts to the Water Agency’s drinking water facilities resulting from the wildfires. Data collected from this program will also be helpful in assessing potential impacts to other water supply … Continued

How will I know if my water is contaminated?

If water quality is compromised, your water supplier is required to notify you with a “Boil Water Notice”, “Do Not Drink Water Notice” or a “Do Not Use Water Notice.” If you receive a boil water notice, do not drink the water without boiling it first. Bring all water to a boil, let it boil … Continued

Is our drinking water safe?

Your drinking water is safe. The water quality of municipal drinking water is continuously monitored and tested to ensure it meets or exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards. The Sonoma County Water Agency (Water Agency) supplies water to more than 600,000 residents who live in the cities of Santa Rosa, Windsor, Rohnert Park, … Continued

My home was deemed safe for occupancy but my water is not on.

City of Santa Rosa residents re-entering their homes deemed safe for occupancy in a controlled access area who find they are without water should follow the directions on the door tag from Santa Rosa Water before calling the water department. For all other questions regarding City of Santa Rosa water and sewer services call 707.543.3805 … Continued

What is a boil water notice?

Do not drink the water without boiling it first. Bring all water to a boil, let it boil for one (1) minute, and let it cool before using, or use bottled water. Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking and food preparation until further notice. This is the preferred method to assure that the … Continued

What areas still have boil/do not drink water notices in effect?

Notices to the following locations remain in effect: Do Not Drink and Do Not Boil City of Santa Rosa On November 10, 2017, Santa Rosa Water issued a Do-Not-Drink and Do-Not-Boil advisory for 13 homes in the Fountaingrove area. This advisory went into effect after elevated levels of benzene were detected in parts of the drinking … Continued

If I was displaced by wildfires, where can I get my mail?

United Postal Service (UPS) is providing mail pick up for those displaced by wildfires. If you are unable to retrieve your mail, you may request a Temporary Mail Hold or an Address Change. For more information and to contact USPS visit the USPS Service Alerts webpage.

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