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FAQ Topic: Refuse Vehicle

What do you look for during a refuse truck inspection?

Vehicle well maintained and of good construction No leaking waste or fluids The company/owner name on the vehicle Proper Equipment Available Spill Kit or Cat litter Fire Extinguisher Broom and Shovel Secure load tarping system

When do I receive my permit?

Once we receive your application or notification, we will contact you to schedule an inspection. If your vehicle passes the inspection, the vehicle will receive a sticker on the vehicle and receive an inspection report and permit in the mail.

How do I apply for a Refuse Vehicle Permit?

Complete a Refuse Vehicle Permit Application and submit a permit fee in the amount of $360 per vehicle to: County of Sonoma Department of Health Services Environmental Health & Safety 625 5th Street Santa Rosa, CA 95404 (707) 565-6565

Who needs a Refuse Vehicle Permit?

Any vehicle hauling fire debris ash or Solid Waste (as defined by local ordinance) is required to obtain a Refuse Vehicle Permit and inspection. If you are only hauling scrap metal or concrete, no Refuse Vehicle Permit is needed.

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