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How can I prepare for the FEMA process?

Have available information ready: Social Security number(s) Address of the damaged home or apartment Description of the damage Information about insurance coverage Telephone number Mailing address Bank account & routing numbers for direct deposits of funds

How do I check the status of my application for FEMA assistance?

To check the status of your application you need to create an account first. To create an account: Click Check Your Status on the Home page or from the Get Assistance tab. Click Create Account. Detailed instructions can be found under How do I create an account? If you already have an account: Click Check Your Status on the Home page or from the Get Assistance tab. Log in … Continued

Where can I go to get help?

The Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) is a one-stop-shop with critical government services for residents who have been impacted by the fires. Replace lost or destroyed vital documents (ID, financial information, etc.) and get connected with financial support services such as insurance information and apply for FEMA aid. Disaster assistance is available to all members of … Continued

Who is eligible for FEMA disaster assistance?

To be eligible for cash assistance from FEMA you must generally be a lawful permanent residents (possessing an alien registration receipt card) or those with legal status due to asylum, refugee, parole (admission into the U.S. for humanitarian purposes), withholding of deportation, or domestic violence. Applicants should consult an immigration expert concerning whether or not … Continued

Does disaster help have to be repaid?

A grant from the FEMA Individual and Households Program does not have to be repaid. Loans from the Small Business Administration must be repaid. Be sure you understand the repayment rules for loans before you take out a loan. Find more information on FEMA’s site FEMA Grants vs. Loans.

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