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SOS Fire-related Grants Offered for Low-Income Residents

Posted on November 30, 2017

County of Sonoma Human ResourcesTo provide a financial boost for those affected by the Sonoma County fires, the  Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund (SOS) is offering special assistance grants to  low-income residents for up to $3000. Through  April 30, 2018, residents can apply for a special assistance grant at one of  the Sonoma County partner agencies listed below.* The grants aim to help those who lost possessions, jobs or income due to the fires: get or keep housing by paying a month’s mortgage, rent or security deposit; cover utility bills; buy essential household furniture, a wheelchair or other vital health aids; or cover costs of  medically required dental care and non-routine automotive repairs for critically needed transportation.

Aid may be available even if the resident received or will receive other fire-related grant monies.

SOS has long provided one-time, financial grants in nine Bay Area counties to help low-income residents with housing costs and emergency or critical needs. In Sonoma County, oversight of the program is by the County Human Services  Department.

Regular SOS grants, under the program’s normal eligibility criteria, are available year-round by application through an SOS partner agency. All grant checks are written directly to the vendor or business – such as a landlord, utility company, dentist, furniture retailer or auto repair business.

For  fire-related assistance grants only, some eligibility requirements have been relaxed from regular SOS grant criteria:

  1. Anyone who has received assistance within the previous five years is eligible.
  2. The applicant’s rent/mortgage does not have to be delinquent. Anyone who requires rent/mortgage assistance is eligible.
  3. For anyone who lost a job, work or source of income, being able to show that they can cover rent the following month is waived.

*Where  to apply:

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