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How will I be notified my lot is clean and ready for rebuild if I participated in the government sponsored consolidated debris removal program?

Once the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) receives the soil testing results, they will evaluate if all levels are within the set limits and/or baseline values. If the results fall within those limits, the property will be cleared and the County will be notified by a letter that includes the property’s soil testing results.

Once the USACE notice is received by the County, the information is entered into our system and a robotic call will be made to the property owner.  Our goal is to have this happen within 1-2 business days. Following the call, the property owner will be notified via a mailed letter which includes the USACE soil testing data.  The property owner can bring the letter with them to the City of Santa Rosa Permit Resiliency Center or Permit Sonoma to begin the rebuilding process.

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