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What are the Interest Rates for Disaster Loans?

By law, the interest rates depend on whether each applicant has Credit Available Elsewhere. An applicant does not have Credit Available Elsewhere when SBA determines the applicant does not have sufficient funds or other resources, or the ability to borrow from non-government sources, to provide for its own disaster recovery. An applicant, which SBA determines to have the ability to provide for his or her own recovery is deemed to have Credit Available Elsewhere. Interest rates are fixed for the term of the loan. The interest rates applicable for this disaster are:

No Credit Available Elsewhere Credit Available Elsewhere
Business Loans 3.305% 6.610%
Non-Profit Organization Loans 2.500% 2.500%
Economic Injury Loans
Businesses and Small Agricultural Cooperatives 3.305% N/A
Non-Profit Organizations 2.500% N/A
Home Loans 1.750% 3.500%

Source: Small Business Loan Administration

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