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4. What portion of my homeowner’s policy will the County collect for debris removal?

It depends how funds designated for debris removal are handled in your policy. You should consult with your insurance carrier to determine these amounts and how and when they are paid (see question #3). Generally, homeowner policies provide debris removal coverage in one of two ways:

  • Specified or Separate Amount: Some policies include debris removal insurance coverage in a separate, specified debris clause. Such policies may provide a specific dollar amount or provide debris removal coverage as a percentage of the other coverage limits listed in the policy (for example, 5% of the policy limits for the primary structure, other structures, and/or personal property). In this case, the County will only collect up to the specified amount designated in the debris removal clause. You will not owe the County any additional money, even if the actual costs to remove the debris exceed the amount designated in your insurance policy for debris removal.
  • No Specified Amount: Another type of debris removal insurance coverage does not have a specified amount but includes the costs of debris removal in the total insurance proceeds provided for the primary structure and/or other structure, or personal property. If you have this type of policy, the County will only attempt to collect insurance proceeds for debris removal after you have rebuilt your home. The County will only collect money that remains in your insurance policy for debris removal, if any, after the rebuild is complete or you have purchased a replacement home. If you spend all of your insurance proceeds rebuilding or on the purchase of a replacement home, you will owe nothing for the Government-Sponsored Debris Removal Program.
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