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1. What is the County’s role in the debris removal insurance collection process?

In exchange for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assisting the City of Santa Rosa and County of Sonoma (County) with debris removal following the October 2017 wildfires through the Government-Sponsored Debris Removal Program, the County is responsible for collecting information from participating property owners to determine whether any insurance proceeds designated for debris removal need to be collected by the County to help offset the cost of the Government-Sponsored Debris Removal Program. Federal law prohibits a duplication of benefits (see question #2), and the County is obligated to ensure that duplications do not occur. Insurance policies vary, and the County does not play a role in adjusting or settling any insurance claims for debris removal. Other than conducting random internal audits as part of the County’s due diligence, the County is not obligated to independently verify or investigate paperwork provided by property owners in support of any reimbursement requests. Other than possible follow-up letters, at this time the County does not anticipate any additional activities to facilitate property owners’ payment of insurance proceeds to CalOES/FEMA.


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