SonomaCountyRecovers: Official recovery information for Sonoma County fires

Debris Removal Completion

Government Sponsored Consolidated Debris Removal Program

Once the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) receives the soil testing results, they will evaluate if all levels are within the set limits and/or baseline values. If the results fall within those limits, the property will be cleared and the County will be notified by a letter that includes the property’s soil testing results.

Once the USACE notice is received by the County, the information is entered into our system and a robotic call will be made to the property owner.  Following the call, the property owner will be notified via a mailed letter sent to the address indicated on the Right of Entry (ROE) Form.

Fraud Alert: Fire Debris Removal Fraudulent Bills
Fraudulent bills for fire debris removal have been reported by property owners in Mendocino County who are participating in the state-sponsored fire debris removal program. While no instances have been reported in Sonoma County, both the County of Sonoma and the City of Santa Rosa want residents to be aware of the potential scam. If you receive a bill for payment associated with debris removal, Do NOT PAY IT, and please notify the District Attorney right away by calling (707) 565-5317. The County of Sonoma and City of Santa Rosa are not sending out any insurance reimbursement payment notifications at this time. Any requests for payment will come from a governmental agency. Additionally, a press release will be issued that explains the process once insurance reimbursement payment notifications are sent to property owners.

Private Cleanup Program

Submit Certification of Completed Work
After implementation of the approved Work Plan, the owner must submit a certification showing that all work has been completed as specified. The work must be completed pursuant to standards set forth by the City and or County and the State. Documentation of adequate clean-up and proper disposal will be required. Property owners will not be allowed to build on their property until there is a certification that the property cleanup and removal of all hazardous waste has been completed in accordance with applicable standards and approved by the City and or County.

Debris Removal Completion Frequently Asked Questions

Property owners can begin rebuilding once the debris removal process is complete and appropriate city and/or county permits are obtained.

Sites will be left in an environmentally safe condition with erosion control measures in place ready for property owners to begin the rebuilding process. Some grading may be necessary to meet building site specifications.

We recommend that you consult with a professional land surveyor/engineer to get an accurate determination of where your legal property lines are. Additional information may be included in your deed and in Assessor’s maps.

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